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Event Solutions
Oviture produces four types of events:

Business Innovation Events

Big Businesses are increasingly focused on innovation today. They need to innovate faster and more effectively and use the innovation to deliver measurable results.

Innovation Events sponsored by Big Business can create great value immediately when executed properly. Examples of value include:

  • Improving and extending the Big Business Brand

  • Creating Leads for New Business

  • Retaining Current Customers / Clients

  • Learning From the Audience

  • Improving Big Business Internal Culture

Oviture helps Big Businesses by providing templates and technology for Innovation events. Oviture can also provide staff-augmentation or turn-key Corporate Innovation events.

"Strategies for Startups" Events

Many types of businesses are paying more attention to the Startup community. Startups represent a potential source of new business. They also can help Big Businesses with innovation.

Established businesses face a variety of problems when attempting to engage with Startups:

  • Startups frequently have little or no funds and are not initially good prospects

  • Salespeople typically do not like calling on Startups

  • More than 90% of Startups fail so tracking them is very difficult

  • Startups operate differently and are not predictable

  • Communicating with Startups can be very difficult and frustrating

Oviture helps Established Businesses by providing them with a system for producing low, or no-cost "Strategies for Startups." Established businesses use their office / meeting space and staff to present informal education that is meaningful to Startups. Startups learn from industry experts at low or no-cost. Partners to the Established business provide most or all of the funds required to deliver the events.

Innovation Week Events

The subject of innovation is on the minds of businesses, associations, governments and the people they touch. Delivering an "Innovation Week" can be an easy and powerful way to identify opportunities for innovation and to cause the innovation to happen faster.

Participants in Innovation Weeks can receive value in many ways:

  • Innovation Weeks create excitement and a positive expectation

  • Participants in Innovation Weeks are generally seen as progressive

  • Opportunities for innovation can be readily identified

  • Real progress on innovation initiatives can be produced

  • New relationships and partnerships between participants are formed

  • It's easy to find sponsors if the event is well-designed and managed

  • Each innovation week builds resources for future events

Oviture helps Associations, Governmental entities and Businesses produce Innovation Weeks. Oviture can provide technology, templates and know-how, allowing the organizer/presenter to use volunteer resources to keep costs low. Oviture can also provide turn-key Innovation Week events.

Oviture University Events

All members of the Innovation Ecosystem can benefit from education, including Big Business, Startups, Free Agents and the many other businesses and people that make up the ecosystem.

Oviture University delivers high-quality education on demand designed by industry experts. Each course is designed to be completed in less than one day. Most courses are taken online, while some are also available in person. Students may take an online exam. Passing scores are awarded a digital certificate demonstrating proficiency. Courses completed and test scores can b published by the students, increasing their visibility as innovation professionals and qualifying the student for other offers in the Oviture Platform.

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