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Oviture StartupAssist™
Big Business Can Benefit by Helping Startups!

Oviture StartupAssist™ helps Big Businesses engage with startups easily, cost-effectively and safely. Budgeted, available or surplus resources can be shared with Startups. At little or no cost, Big Businesses can help Startups survive while achieving the following benefits:

  • New Sales Opportunities

  • Public Relations Wins

  • Market Knowledge

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Low-cost resources

  • Improved corporate culture

  • Successful innovation

Using Oviture StartupAssist™ templates, Big Business can provide the following kinds of assistance to Startups:

  • Office Space Sharing

  • Resource Sharing

  • Advisory Services

  • Customer Access

  • Project Work

  • Expense Reimbursement

  • In-Kind Donations

  • Publicity

  • Loans

  • Grants

  • Project Work

  • Investment

  • IP Transfer

  • Acquisition

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