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Oviture Big Business Innovation Events
Share what you know and what you don't.
Oviture designs and delivers innovation events for Big Businesses.

If you prefer, we can provide you with templates and technology and you can supply all of the labor and other resources.

Strategies for Startups Events
Do you want to sell your products or services to startups? Many big businesses do.

Startups are challenging to deal with. They're small, fast moving, and they don't understand or play by big business rules. They are typically short on budget, until they raise more money. If you ignore, them you risk losing business to competitors. Spend too much time on them and you'll waste valuable selling resources and frustrate account executives.

Oviture your helps you build and maintain relationships with local startups by holding an event at your offices. Using your office reduces event costs and makes startups familiar with your location and staff.

Startup Solutions
Startups are a growing part of the global business landscape. While there is no generally agreed upon definition for the term "Startup", Oviture defines a startup to be an early-stage business that puts more importance on short-term growth than on longer-term stability or survival.

Using this definition, if we consider all startups (pre-investment to last investment before exit), we can confidently say that at least 95% of startups ultimately fail. This is wasteful and unnecessary.

Oviture provides solutions to Startups that want to understand and protect themselves from most-common and avoidable causes of failure. Helping startups connect and work with Big Business innovators from their inception to exit is a central part of the Oviture value proposition.

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