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Oviture is an Innovation Ecosystem.Oviture is an Innovation Ecosystem.
We Power Innovation in Times of HyperChange
We Power Innovation
in Times of HyperChange

HyperChange is 100 years of Change in YOUR next 10 years!™

Organizations and individuals are experiencing too much change! Businesses and Governments can't evolve quickly enough, and people are unable to handle it mentally and emotionally.

We can't stop HyperChange, but we can understand and manage it. Oviture has information, a strategy and innovation tools for us all to survive and thrive.

HyperChange is 100 years of Change
in YOUR next 10 years!™

Organizations and societies are experiencing too much change! Businesses and Governments can't evolve quickly enough, and people are unable to handle it mentally and emotionally.

We can't stop HyperChange, but we can understand and manage it. Oviture has information, a strategy and innovation tools for us all to survive and thrive.

Oviture™ Brands

Oviture was founded in 2018 and is our primary brand. We're an Innovation Ecosystem, developing software, producing events, and managing our global innovation platform.

The "O" in Oviture is in the shape of an egg, symbolizing the creative process. The word Oviture is a word-blend (portmanteau) of:

Ovum (egg), Innovation, and Venture.

Our name "Oviture", is also a play on words for the musical term "overture." The word Overture means "the beginning" of an opera, or other musical work. It can also mean an "introduction to something bigger." If you enjoy deep thinking, and conversations about our human history and many possible futures, we'd love to hear from you!

Since 2016, Oviture's Founder Mark Cofano, has used the word "HyperChange" to discuss an exponential (very rapid) rate of change in technology development. It was one of Mark's motivations to launch Oviture in 2018.

At the beginning 2023, Oviture noticed some new signals in science, engineering, math and society. These signals led us to believe that this rate of change was soon to become much faster.

In 2023, the general public and even some of the technical community were shocked to learn about the power of generative A.I. The upset that A.I. has caused, told us it was the time to be more formal. It's only one of more than 300 hyperchange technologies. So we did some legal work, and gave HyperChange a provocative logo, and a very personal tag line!

To learn more, please visit the HyperChange website.

In 2018, we were looking for ways to build our global database of innovators. Internet searches brought "innovation weeks" to our attention. The very first Innovation Week that we found occured in 1989 and there were probably some before that.

Innovation Weeks are conducted by governments, businesses, colleges, or associations. People that attend innovation weeks are innovators themselves, or searching for innovation.

Oviture started developing software to address what we felt was a blue-ocean opportunity. Our SaaS software allows customers to to create innovation weeks easily, and to connect them with each other. We used that software internally to produce three innovation weeks in 2018-2019. They were successful and we expected rapid growth. COVID-19 put an end to that and we shuttured Oviture. In 2023, we relaunched Oviture and the innovation week platform.

In 2023, we relaunched Oviture. As part of that relaunch we're retooling our software and we're producing the Idaho Innovation Week 2023. We're having great success and plan to produce many more innovation weeks in the future.

To learn more, please visit the Idaho Innovation Week 2023 website.

Combatting the ill effects of HyperChange is a job to big for one person or company. The only way to help more people to survive and thrive, is by working in partnership and in community.

We've built multiple human capital networks and we really love the process. We have lots of experience in bringing people together and helping them grow. They can accomplish things together that they never would have even attempted before.

That's why we created LINE. It's an acronym for Local Innovation Exchange! Regular meetings between LINE members bring innovators and those that need innovation into the same room. Innovators pitch their ideas / solutions, and those in need of innovation do the same. Judges rank the presentations to provide presenters with critical and helpful feedback. A powerful website speeds the matchmaking process, to the benefit of everyone!

For more information, please visit the InnoTATER website.

Future of Sports™ (fo-Sports) is Oviture's first effort to develop a vertical market "segment" brand. We think that the Sports Industry is both valuable and powerful. And when compared to other industries, Sports is relatively unique, in that HyperChange is creating many more positives than negatives. ;-)

Like all Oviture brands, the Future of Sporting website uses the Oviture Technology Platform. fo-Sports is dynamically linked with all Oviture websites. Oviture members can seemlessly move from one website to another, reducing the burden of managing multiple accounts, and receiving more value.

Oviture is excited to share that fo-Sports is also the first brand to be managed by a third-party Oviture partner. We'll be sharing more about that partner and other partner opportunities soon! Oviture is very optimistic that by using our world-class platforms and resources to accelerate the visions of our great partners, a winning combination!

Learn more, please visit the Future of Sports website. and

Did you know that thousands of research colleges and universities around the world develop technology and intellectual property, but rarely if ever sell the rights? They often fail to even recover the costs of development. And that some of the hundreds of millions of startups built each year build breakthrough technology. But when 90% fail to commercialize it and have to close, they almost never transfer it to another company?

Compounding the problem, many big businesses fail because they cannot innovate internally, quickly or profitably. Did you know the average age of a big business (for example, an S&P 500 company), has fallen from about 65 years in 1950, to a mere 17 years today? HyperChange is injuring or killing big business left and right!

Oviture has worked with all of these kinds of entities. We're expanding the Oviture platform to include a marketplace for emerging and developed technology, and intellectual property. This marketplace will allow those that have inventions and innovative ideas to sell it profitably, while those those in need can source it quickly. We're also expanding our database of technologists and innovators that ready and able to work as employees or freelancers. Bigger organizations cannot afford to wait to innovate.

Stay tuned for a new website for IP Tech Transfer!

One think that we know here at Oviture, is that for most of us, change is stressful! For example, Once we decide where we want the milk to go in the refrigerator, we don't want anyone to move it, right?!

As a part of content we've created for the Idaho Innovation Week 2023, we decided to see if we could do something to reduce the stress of everyone in Idaho, as it relates to the subject of HyperChange! So we looked for a marketing idea that Idahoans would naturally relate and identify with, while introducing the conversation of innovation

Idaho as it turns out, is the largest producer of potates in the U.S. and probably one of the largest in the World. And since most everyone is a fan of potatoes, we blended the words "Innovation" with the potato's nickname..."TATER!"

Our plan is to use a baked potato as a way to introduce the topic of personal innovation. HyperChange is already causing individuals to have to make hard choices. If we can convince them that deciding to put new toppings on their bake potato is a kind of innovation, we'd be be helping them incorporate innovation into their daily lives. And potatoes are comfort food, so psychologically speaking, giving people something tasty to eat might be helpful in creating a positive association with the topic of change.

We'll be serving InnoTATERS (think "potato bar") at some of our Innovation Week events. We'll also be contacting restaurants around Idaho to see if in return for our free advertising, their chefs will offer baked potatoes made in a special "innovative way." We hope to capture some media attention and to create some good vibes in a state (Idaho) that can be very feisty on the subject of change and regional cooperation. We'll let you know how it goes.

For more information, please visit the InnoTATER website.


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